A Biography of Tag Twain and His Various Accomplishments

A Biography of Tag Twain and His Various Accomplishments

Mark Twain was a pilot, a comic lecturer, a humorist, a brief story writer, and a novelist, to name some of his various accomplishments. On November 30, 1835, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, otherwise referred to as Mark Twain, became the first gentleman of any importance ever before to get born west of the Mississippi River. He is becoming an icon as the American article writer. This is because his method of writing can't be simulated by Europeans or anyone else, because of the fact that the western environment of America creates a complete new atmosphere and design of writing. Tag Twain is a classic American article writer that acquired fame through the use of satire, writing with single-minded usage of text, and by writing just how that most persons think and speak.

Twain writes with single-minded make use of words, which is thought as plain and simple, yet still smart, which improves American literature. He writes what makes his brain without fear. That is an example from Huckleberry Finn: . "then comes a h-wack! bum! bum! bumble-umble-um-bum-bum-bum-bum - and the thunder would go rumbling and grumbling aside" . (Twain 45). This enriches American literature, since it is a clever approach, and the only path to make the reader actually appear to listen to and feel the noises the writer is wanting to convey.

This can be an example from Tom Sawyer :

"Set her back on the stabboard! Ting-a-ling-ling! chow! ch-chow-wow! chow!".

(Twain 15). This dialect can be described as a familiar speech spoken around us the time. It's the speech


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