A Debate on Peoples Perception of Riches in the 21st Century and its really Importance for Society

A Dialogue on People's Perception of Prosperity in the 21st Century and it's really Importance for Society


During the past 2 decades people’s perception of prosperity has significantly changed. A rich man is no more considered as a person who gets the most possessions, but instead as the main one who has the richest inner environment. Joy has replaced prosperity, becoming the brand new wealth. People now choose to be happier than being richer, since it is believed that the goal of life is to accomplish happiness rather than material well-being. This is why tracing correlation between your wealth and the wish in the 21st century dream is actually a challenging occupation because the direct hyperlink between two concepts does not seem to be obvious. However, wealth nonetheless continues to play the key role within the modern-day society for it influences such societal factors as education and well being which appear to be essential pieces of one’s life.

Wealth refers to the a good amount of valuable possessions, assets or riches. Individuals, areas, communities or countries that own personal plenty of such riches are reported to be wealthy (Biggs 69). Riches has many other definitions which range from one discipline to some other. In agriculture, regions that are extremely endowed with information and valuable agricultural products such as for example cash crops and foodstuff crops are


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