An Intro to the Examination of the American Identity

An Intro to the Research of the American Identity

The American Identity

It can strongly be argued, since it has for several years, whether an American identity ever occurred between 1776 and 1861. The response to this question really is determined by your classification of what an identification consists of. An identity may be the sameness in every that constitutes the target reality of something; oneness. The thirteen colonies attempted hard to find a perception of themselves as a country even before that they had a nation. Nationality started to be an American invention (notes). To find an identity the thirteen colonies designed a flag, symbols of nationality (bald eagle, pluribus Unum), plus they established national heroes (George Washington). Next they commenced to condition a national character. They asked themselves what it really is to become an American (notes). An American must have no ethnic roots, plus they gave this region a moral definition so as to build an identity. That they had three objectives as well. The persons wanted flexibility and justice for all, they made the knowing that we are one country under God plus they wanted to support distinguish America from European countries. Like aspect America was young, vigorous and strong in comparison to civilization in Europe. These colonists were desperately striving to create their unique identity, which would split them from England and any additional country. They were focused on live their lives of Christian brotherhood while being guided by the divine providence. These were focused on the expansion of human privileges. From these thoughts and their prevalent quest for liberty the thirteen colonies created their identification. As years continued and the country united politically, their opinions and ideas changed. The north and south separated and one countrywide identity did not


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