A Midsummer Night's Dream

Isa Ka Damgo

We were appreciative to watch the play permitted A Midsummer Night's Fantasy: Isa ka Damgo. Neither the story neither the takes on itself happen to be familiar to my opinion. As we were seated on our seating on the second row with the little theatre, I noticed the backdrop acquired the feel of Filipino folklore. To be able the perform started the crowd proceeded to go silent together their eye unto the stage. So the first take action started if the Datu Sampurna asked support for his daughter Dayang. The explained daughter was about to wreck her forthcoming marriage to Datu Masnar because of Samanodin which she actually is madly in love with.

The celebrities and performers delivered their very own parts perfectly and the music was likewise noticeably great. The representative did an extraordinary twist within the plot, how the Filipino folklore was added. But as the play continued to the next work, the language they will spoke continuing to confound us audience including I. As a scholar I acknowledge I have a poor Visayan vocabulary and can only speak the basic and understand it. Many of the scenes were really difficult to comprehend and decipher. With their actions for some reason I did understand some parts but as a complete it really mixed up me.

The adaptations of any Midsummer Night's Dream or Isa ka Damgo in Visayan was quite noteworthy. Although some areas of it was very hard for me to appreciate but the plot was obvious. I appreciated the play and learned some profound Visayan words and phrases. The costumes were really astonishing and magnificent for each from the cast. The 2 hours run time was well used. The celebrities and stars did all their part well, the backdrops and stage sets was likewise notable. All together the play was praiseworthy and unconventional. One thing I want to add is the fact an English type would be played out on the upcoming adaptation.


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