It of the film that we observed in class was " If the Levees Shattered. " The documentary involved Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it caused and the study of the government authorities slow response. I will clearly connect the sociological ideas of institutional racism, electrical power, and elegance with examples of the film. The film primarily aimed at chapters 15 and 14.

One example that i found in the readings that pertained to the film was institutional racism. The author defines institutional racism as " laws, customs, and methods that systematically reflect and produce racial and ethic inequalities in a society, set up individuals retaining these laws and regulations, customs, and practices have got racist motives. In the film the government unintentionally or purposely showed hurtful behavior. Most of the New Orlean residents that were trapped in Hurricane Katrina were dark-colored and they thought that race played one factor for the slow response from the government. Canada was there prior to US govt.

The second case that i found in the readings that pertained to the film was electrical power. The author defines power as " the ability to affect decisions in ways that benefit a person or protect his / her interests. " (Newman) In the film various Hurricane Katrina survivors thought the government had not been using power properly since help arrived five days afterwards. Their will need to of recently been a faster response. Other countries such as Canada arrived at rescue more quickly than the US and that's absurd because the US is definitely closer. America can be in a given country in one to two days. The power has not been used effectively and ultimately caused to reduce many lives.

The third case that I found in the psychic readings that pertained to the film was splendour. The author describes discrimination since " unfair treatment of persons based on some social attribute, such as contest, ethnicity, or perhaps sex. " (Newman) Inside the film the federal government denied being aware of...


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