Publicity is, in the contemporary societies, a group of tactics, strategies, uses, forms and context of communication focused to convince people to take action. The obvious aim of the promoting communication is usually to gain the attraction of the addressee to an advertisement, an object, a brand or perhaps an idea, stimulate his/her would like and provoke an action or maybe a conduct oriented to the purchase of the announced product. Nevertheless , publicity isn't just a expansive tool committed to the stimulation of the behaviour of buying and the promotion in the consumption practices; but likewise an efficient application of ideological transmission. For that reason, everything that appears on television, newspapers, magazines, and so forth determine a conduct position for everybody, specifically for women.

The advertising type of beauty that publicity markets us will be based upon perfection: amazing women, without having imperfections, very skinny, and so forth As the educator Jean Kilbourne explained in her documental Slim Hopes: " Advertising mass media adversely impact women's skin image, which can cause unhealthy habit as women and girls target the ultra-thin body idealized by the media” (1995). Additionally, current info indicates the mentioned before, seeing that today's trend model ponder 23% below the average woman and a woman between the ages of 18-34 contains a 1% probability of being because thin being a supermodel. Therefore , the eating disorders have increased a 200% since 2001 (2007). Additionally , models like Kate Moss help the increasing of these disorders with messages like " Nothing likes as good as skinny feels”.

With regards to the evolution of women's position, we can note that the woman has suffered many changes over the years and thus her image in advertising and marketing. Fifty yrs ago, the marketing addressed to women identified the main function of them: cleaning, children and cater for the needs from the husband. For example, slogans like " Women is only a female but an excellent cigar can be described as smoke”, " Show her 2 weeks . man's globe! ”,...


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