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Benefits and drawbacks of Advertising and marketing – Rough Draft

'08. 02. 2015

Negative and Positive Factors of Advertising and marketing

Advertising and marketing is a form of promoting communication that shareholder would like to reassure and impress consumers by using a number of methods, such as political or perhaps ideological. This can be a fundamental aim of advertisers to persuade potential buyers that a organization or system is an readily available or suitable. However , a today's marketplace it is complicated to be noticeable and impact purchaser because of similar services and almost same advertising. This article will discuss both positive and negative edges of advertising in order come to a correct conclusion. One of the main advantages of advertising and marketing is that promoting can easily transfer information of new products to consumers. For example, if people are willing to acquire a product, they will first try to explore regarding features of products and its availableness. Nowadays, we now have different strategies of advertising including TV, internet or billboard advertising. When ever consumers observe any kind of advertising and marketing on TV, net or billboard, it attracts their fascination, and they are interested the product. Yet , their selection is mostly based on creativeness of advertisement. In other words, advertising is actually a communication whose aim is to inform potential purchasers regarding diversity of products and companies and certain ways to get or rely on them. Another significant point is the fact advertisement helps consumers to differentiate goods. For example , if consumers are interested a computer, they will do research to get the best one or one which suits all their interest better. Such sort of advertisement offers a detailed information on the capabilities of different types of products or services. Last but not least, we can show elevating the usage of a particular product and brand identification, to make available opinions from customers regarding a specific product. As opposed, advertisement features disadvantages as well....


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