1 . Precisely what is Cisco's goal?

Cisco's objective is to create the human capital which in remarkably skillful and maintain the core employees community in order to contend in the scientific industries in the workplace.

2 . Who have are the relevant market and non-market stakeholders in this circumstance?

Relevant marketplace is the communities in community San Jose residents and nonmarket stakeholder are the environmentalist.

3. What are their hobbies? Please indicate if every single stakeholder is within favor of, or against, the Coyote Valley expansion project, and why.

To get stakeholder, consider that this task can give advantage such as it could bring more job and tax revenue as well as helping improve neighborhood services.

It differ to the people who opposed to, they believe this kind of project can bring more bad effect to them including the road will cause major traffic jam, cause environmental pollution and so forth. They desire this kind of job must be remain in order to preserve natural environment.

four. What would be the advantages and disadvantages to the company of working collabВ­oratively with its stakeholders to resolve this dispute?

The advantages are they could bring the great facilities to them that help to improve all their lifestyle and can also increase the economic expansion in that region.

The disadvantages are the stakeholder will be more matter to the reverse idea and it would take the project for the end. The project will probably be terminated and cause the business loss because they failed to create long term skillful workers and unable to compete to the different competitors. Which means long term (strategic) plan will be fail.

five. What possible solutions to this kind of dispute do you think might emerge from dialogue between Cisco Devices and its stakeholders?

Cisco System should prove and encourage to the stakeholder that the expansion only gives less adverse impact simply by develops the project in eco-friendly methods. They also ought to create more...


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