They have come to my attention as CEO of Donaldson's clothing shop that revenue have been continuously declining within the last quarter. There is a growing set of competitors inside the area who also are offering affordable prices dramatically elevating competition. Additionally many of these stores are offering an extensive line of mens and kid's clothing too. In order to boost sales I possess created an analysis of the situation and will also be implementing a fresh sales plan effective in a few days. Although the sales team at our St . Paul location provides known regarding the issue facing their retail outlet and have made great attempts in enhancing customer service and offering special discounts, sales continue to be plummeting I possess identified a list of options. Following identifying our three main competitors it can be clear they have been using a low price strategy which includes offset product sales at Donaldson's. A feasible choice is to provide lower prices. We have developed a customer base and repeated consumers in the past by providing great services at an affordable price. We cannot afford to offset assistance at this point in return for lower prices. The competitors garments line is definitely not in comparison with our collection in top quality, and cost will not impact sales wherever quality is a preference. Therefore , I do not really believe that lower prices will make us a plus. However , to provide savings we will be mailing exceptional promotions to customers. To get the salesforce there will be incentives for promoting our fresh sales strategy of suggestion selling. One other obvious benefits our competition have is the offering of any family garments line. I use estimated the cost of expanding each of our line with this time revenues are not sufficient to justify expansion currently. Donaldson's...


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