Phase 8: Figuring out Market Segments and Objectives


Multiple Choice

1 . In ________ marketing, the vendor engages in the mass development, mass circulation, and mass promotion of 1 product for all buyers. a. group

m. mass

c. general

m. segmented

at the. differentiated

Response: bPage: 226Difficulty: MediumAACSB: A fortiori Skills

installment payments on your The discussion for ________ marketing is the fact it creates the largest potential market, which leads to the lowest costs, which in turn can cause lower prices or more margins. a. niche

w. micro

c. macro

g. differentiated

elizabeth. mass

Response: ePage: 226Difficulty: MediumAACSB: Refractive Thinking

a few. A ________ consists of a band of customers who also share a similar set of requirements and would like. a. market target

n. market group

c. marketplace slice

d. market part

e. marketplace level

Answer: dPage: 226Difficulty: MediumAACSB: Inductive Skills

4. A ________ consists of two parts: a naked answer and discretionary options. a. differentiated market offering

w. flexible market offering

c. rigid market offering

deb. vertical market offering

electronic. horizontal marketplace offering

Answer: bPages: 228Difficulty: HardAACSB: Analytic Skills

5. If a promoting manager observes that their market reveals no all-natural segments and consumers appear to have around the same choices, the marketing manager will likely be up against a ________ preferences routine. a. homogeneous

b. heterogeneous

c. diffused

d. clustered

e. scattered

Answer: aPage: 228Difficulty: MediumAACSB: Analytic Skills

6. Procter & Bet has many detergent brands. A single reason for this is that soap users tend to group together in terms of tastes such as whitening action, softness, stain removing, et cetera. Which of the next preferences routine would more than likely apply to P& G's technique of response to industry needs? a. Homogeneous choices

b. Dissipated preferences

c. Clustered choices

d. Internal preferences

at the. Cultural tastes

Answer: cPage: 228Difficulty: MediumAACSB: Analytic Abilities

7. Internet marketers usually discover niches simply by ________.

a. dividing a segment into subsegments

b. conducting VALS tests

c. allowing buyers to go toward product brands

g. examining the demographics area of The Handbook of Marketing e. producing products that can be used in lots of ways Answer: aPage: 228Difficulty: Method

8. A niche is characterized as being all of the following Only that ________. a. the customers inside the niche have a distinct group of needs w. the customers can pay a premium towards the firm that satisfies their needs c. the niche is usually not likely to draw other rivals

d. absolutely free themes generally include smaller numbers of income elizabeth. the nicher gains specific economies through specialization Response: dPage: 229Difficulty: MediumAACSB: Reflective Thinking

9. Those who prefer localized marketing see countrywide advertising while wasteful since ________. a. it gets too close up and personal with consumers

n. it hard disks up manufacturing and marketing costs by simply reducing financial systems of range c. this magnifies logistical problems

g. it does not address local needs

elizabeth. all of the previously mentioned

Answer: dPage: 231Difficulty: MediumAACSB: Reflective Considering

10. ________ combines operationally driven mass customization with customized promoting in a way that empowers consumers to develop the product assistance offering of their choice. a. Consumptionization

n. Viral advertising

c. Digital marketing

g. Regionalization

at the. Customerization

Solution: ePage: 233Difficulty: MediumAACSB: Inductive Skills

11. All of the subsequent are disadvantages of customerization EXCEPT that ________. a. it needs more prior information about the buyer than most customers are willing to discuss b. it is difficult to...


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