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Higher Level

Paper two

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Chemistry HL Paper two Markscheme

Indicate Allocation

Prospects are required to response ALL questions in Section A [40 marks] and TWO questions in Section M [2  twenty-five marks]. Optimum total sama dengan [90 marks].

1 .

A markscheme often recieve more marking items than the total allows. This can be intentional. Do not award more than the maximum signifies allowed for element of a question.

2 .

Each marking point contains a separate collection and the end is signified by means of a semicolon (; ).


An alternative solution answer or perhaps wording is indicated inside the markscheme by a slash (/) – both wording may be accepted.


Words in brackets ( ) in the markscheme are certainly not necessary to gain the indicate.


Words that are underlined are essential intended for the draw.


The order of marking factors does not must be as in the markscheme, except if stated or else.


In the event the candidate's response has the same " meaning” or may be clearly viewed as being of equivalent relevance, detail and validity because that in the markscheme after that award the mark. In which this point is considered particularly relevant in a query it is highlighted by composing OWTTE (or words to that particular effect).

almost 8.

Remember that a large number of candidates will be writing within a second language. Effective communication much more important than grammatical accuracy and reliability.


At times, a part of something may require a remedy that is required pertaining to subsequent tagging points. In the event that an error is made in the first marking stage then it should be penalized. Yet , if the wrong answer can be used correctly in subsequent marking points then simply follow through signifies should be honored. Indicate this with ECF (error taken forward).


Only consider units by the end of a calculation. Unless described otherwise inside the markscheme, product errors should only be penalized once in the paper. Show this by writing –1(U) at the first point this occurs and U on the cover site.


Significant digits will need to only be considered in the final answer. Take 1 tag in the daily news for a blunder of 2 or more digits unless directed otherwise in the markscheme. e. g. if the answer is 1 . 63:



1 . 6


1 . 63


1 ) 631


1 . 6314 reject

Suggest the tag deduction by simply writing –1(SD) at the initial point this occurs and SD for the cover linen.


If the question particularly asks for the name of any substance, do not award a mark for any correct method, similarly, in the event the formula is usually specifically called for, do not prize a tag for a correct name.


If a query asks for an equation to get a reaction, a well-balanced symbol formula is usually expected, do not prize a draw for a term equation or an out of balance equation unless directed in any other case in the markscheme.


Disregard missing or incorrect express symbols within an equation except if directed or else in the markscheme.




1 .




0 to +2 as well as increases by simply 2 / +2 as well as 2+;

Enable zero/nought intended for 0.


+5 to +4 as well as decreases simply by 1 / –1 as well as 1–;

Chastise missing + sign or incorrect explication such as 2+, 2+ or II, when only.


nitric acid/HNO3 / NO3–/nitrate;

Allow nitrogen from nitric acid/nitrate however, not just nitrogen.



0. 100  zero. 0285;

installment payments on your 85 10 3 (mol);

Award [2] for right final response.



2 . eighty five 10 3 (mol);





(63. 55  2 . eighty-five  10 3 ) = zero. 181 g;

Allow 63. 5.


 zero. 181

100 sama dengan  39. 7 %;

 0. 456





 44. a couple of ...


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