Thanyaphorn Saiphan (Pond)Assignment No . 1#2

Clothes Will be able to tell Many point about a Person

Today, people are a growing number of concerned about all their appearances, especially clothing fashions because various people think that clothes are signals of a person's personality and characteristics, as well clothes help us to be more confident and attractive once we appear in the front of others. As a result, I believe we are able to learn a good price about people by the clothing they choose to wear.

The outfits show the approach someone is definitely. Every time all of us go out, we are sending a note by the clothes that we chose to wear. Persons can make an opinion of the based on first sight, for example those who have interview a career, and they must wear nice clothes to make a good impression for job interviewer to see these people and produce themselves comfortable about interview. Sometimes, if we see a gentleman in go well with and tie or a woman in two-piece dress we might evaluate these humans almost certainly work in an office and that might be they are business or white-collar people. Likewise, we may make use of a person's clothing to judge all their status. For example , when we observe people wearing an expensive brand of clothes like DG, Louis Vuitton, or Dior, we may imagine they are abundant so they can afford to buy artist clothes. Alternatively, the clothing that a person chooses put on might be chosen to show to which subculture or religion group they belong. For example , Muslim women wear long black bathrobe that cover these people from check out foot and so nobody however husband are able to see them. Everybody shows a few part of their identity, or perhaps tries to present a part of their identity, in the manner they are dressed up.

The clothes we all wear likewise reflect aspects of our individuality; such as age, temperament, character, disposition on a given time, and interests, and also the way all of us view themselves which may not really be how others perspective us or the way we really are. For example , if we view a young man within the business go well with with...


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