In the poem, " The Tide Goes up, the Wave Falls” written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow as well as the poem " Thanatopsis” authored by William Cullen Bryant, two different ways in which one may perspective may perspective death is made. In " The Tide Rises the Tide Falls” Longfellow's diction, imagery and figurative terminology help to produce a tone of eeriness. Whilst in Bryant's poem " Thanatopsis” this individual creates a even more peaceful/calming develop.

In Longfellow's poem his use of imagery just like " The ocean in the darkness” and " the the twilight series darkens” help give the visitor a feel penalized at the ocean at the dark time of your day which really helps to create that eerie tone. Longfellow also uses a description of seems saying " the curlew calls” likewise help him to create his tone of eeriness. On the other hand Bryant's utilization of imagery such as his terms " The golden sunlight and " the meadows green” supply the reader a feeling of being out in nature with a bright glowing sun in a quiet soothing place which will helps to support the peaceful/calming tone. This individual also goes on to say " Yet not to thine endless resting-place shalt thou retire alone... Even though shalt lay down with patriarchs if the toddler world, --with kings…” Offering one the image of once they die being placed in the floor, and they will not simply lie in the ground and rot, they will be placed in the earth not alone good results . kings, and " The powerful of the earth”.

Longfellow uses phrases such as " The day earnings but nevermore, returns the traveler to the shore” to put his eerie tone. That phrase makes the reader considercarefully what may have got happened towards the traveler who was there with the shore the day before, then went into town & by no means returned. Where as in Bryant's poem words and phrases such as " mellow” and " he speaks a various dialect for his gayer hours” not only help establish his peaceful tone they also permit the reader to consider something that Can be free of pressure and the expression " this individual speaks a various language; for his gayer hours” makes the reader think of a...


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