Ethics Game Ruse Reflective Diary

Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Journal

Ethics is defined as " the branch of philosophy concerned with assessing human action… meaning personality, customs, or perhaps habitual uses, ethics has a process of deciding right conduct from wrong. ” (Guido, 2010, p. 3). Nurses are confronted by numerous moral dilemmas which might be intertwined with legal issues. Principles of moral and legal concepts are often interplayed and decisions between your two tend to be intricate. A single must move through steps from the critical decision process and contemplation among the list of four improved lenses for the best answer. The four lenses are the Rights and Responsibility zoom lens, the Benefits lens, the Relationships zoom lens, and the Reputation lens. (Ethicgame, 2012). Based upon moral, worth and digital one can come to the ideal decision under-going each lens. Two situations were provided in the ethic simulation game. The first one engaged a 16- year- outdated girl in active labor, whose mother and father are adamant on limiting medical assistance and treatment. Their decision was depending on bad assumption of religious perception to " punish” the patient for premarital pregnancy. The ethical issue in this case is usually that the patient is actually a minor, and legally the parents are entitled to generate decisions relating to her proper care. Ethically, while nurse we are in a position to perform no harm and provide satisfactory care to the patient. In the simulation, question of many aspect of decision- producing were raised. Course of action to take, stakeholders and just how their point of view role will probably be influence simply by my decision were assessed. Rights and responsibility plus the result contact lens were utilized to make the decision inside the simulation. The ethical thing to do in this scenario is to advocate for the most vulnerable, which in the case is the patient who is a miner. Even though her parents have the legal right, their intention was to " punish" and not for the patient's welfare....

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