On Jane Austen's View of Marriage

——Pride and Bias

Jane Austen (1775-1817) is often viewed as one of the biggest realistic writers in The english language literature inside the 19th 100 years. During the forty-two years of her life, she completed six novels and left behind 3 fragments, which in turn vividly unveiled the class marriage, social traditions and morals of her time and portrayed the life in the rural ballinger in old-fashioned and limited conditions. In her functions, innocent dating and proper marriages make up the central strands of the story, yet behind these we can see ulterior motive of loving and marrying for cash and interpersonal position, which can be the honest reflection from the specific traditional period.

In Pride and Prejudice, Austen took the love affair among Elizabeth and Darcy while the clue, and described four marriages. The novel confirmed the social reality that economic position and home elements affected marriages and women's ridicule, meanwhile portrayed her ideal marriage: We are able to not get married to for money or perhaps regard marital life as a game. She recommended the marriage intended for both like and monetary consideration with love playing the leading position. And we may figure that out by comparing several different marriages in the new.

Elizabeth's relationship —— with love and money

Since her dad's favorite daughter, Elizabeth is intelligent, vivacious, humorous, point of view and quick-witted and she gets strong character and dignity. She is deeply aware of that if the lady wants to live a better lifestyle in the future the girl must find a better husband. She refuses Mr. Collins' pitch, which makes Mrs. Bennet incredibly angry, because she would not and will under no circumstances love him. She when holds good feeling to Wickham, looking at him as the most gratifying man she have at any time met, in the meantime feels it imprudent to fall in love with him. It is her steadfast pursuit of spiritual agreement that makes her image brilliant in the book. And the finest of At the lies in her sense of dignity....


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