" My own spirit usually takes journey, my spirit requires flight, cannot have increased otherwise & I am not running... I am choosing. ” Alike can be an intelligent and poetically gifted 17 yr old girl. For the surface, Dee Rees's Pariah (2011), is a coming of age story of African-American lesbian, Alike. Developing up in a conventional household that is sexually overpowered, oppressed and a society that is certainly hateful to her internet marketing homosexual your woman finds comfort in poems and academics. Through her plight, the film intelligently layers the dark designs associated with the problems of a gay teenager growing up in the lining city- gender, sexuality, family relations, hate, religion, ignorance, etc . However the film is very hopeful for the reason that it contrasts the dark themes with pleasant moments of positive outlook. I am analyzing among the final moments in the Dee Rees's Pariah (2011). The scene [@ 01: 15: 11] in which Alike is usually reconciling with Arthur, her father, around the rooftop of Laura's building. The caribbean scene includes the beauty of the morals from the narrative really well and at the same time contrasts the dark themes from the film in a manner that compliments the overall aesthetic from the production.

The scene's Mise en Field sets the tone for the conclusion with the narrative. The scene happens on the caribbean of Laura's apartment building overlooking direct sunlight setting over Brooklyn. Through the film we come across Alike profound in thought several times; within the bus, in school, at the club- in all these kinds of circumstances the film utilizes dark, amoureux lighting and shadows to extenuate the tone of the emotions and events Equally is highlighting on. In this scene nevertheless the lighting originates from the dazzling, vibrant yellow-orange sunset. The film uses this to be able to help imagine an understanding of Alike's silver lining; almost as though to say that Alike see's the fine art and the beauty that came of her pain and suffering- this is indicated in the composition she reads against the assemblage of her leaving for California. Alike's...


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