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1 . The Project Proposal should contain the following:

I. Task Title

-- Reflects main idea

- Brief and Serves as abstract

- Records the essence of the job with effects

- Encourages understanding

2. Proponents

- those who proposed the job

III. Duration

- Particular date and entire project rendering

IV. Place

- Place as well as Location

V. Co-Sponsor

-- If you will discover sponsors

NI. Target Group

- Beneficiaries of the job

VII. Approval

- Predicted benefits and impact with the project

- This can be

A. Socioeconomic Impacts

Socioeconomic benefits which the project can offer for the city / company / Barangay. Examples will be: Contributions for the development and improvement with their living conditions; Financial benefits just like additional revenue for the members from the community N. Environmental Effects

Environmental relevance of the task. Its quick and long-term effect on the protection of our environment. C. Institutional Effects

Anticipated transformation the project might bring to the community / barangay / institution in terms of specialized assistance; delivery of solutions for its constituents / members; community engagement in the project planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation; company development for the community, pupils, as well as the school. D. Additional Impacts

The group can also provide extra expected influences that the task can provide. Examples are: Effect on people personal strength; Awareness and advocacies intended for particular issues in the community / barangay / institution; Policy Development....


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