The text I'm going to evaluate is " The lumber-room” by Hector Munro. He is a British author, and is best known for his short reports. The character of the publisher and his existence experience affected the subject of his words plus the way it can treated. Becoming a child, having been brought up by simply his family, one of them - the great aunt Augusta, whom he considered the last person to be responsible for children. Hence, the character of the aunt in " The lumber- room” is Cousin Augusta to the life. In this text the author ridicules the stern and also conventional methods of bringing up kids. The main discord of the publication is person against gentleman, or in the event that to concretize, children against adults. The extract centers mainly on the theme of relations between ages. The text could be divided into your five logical parts ( Nicolas's breakfast as well as the frog in it, his punishment, visiting the lumber-room, his aunt slipping into the rain- water container, evening tea). The point of view that the story is written is usually on behalf of the writer. The author provides us description of the personas, of their inner world and a few of their features( for instance, he describes the aunt since " a woman of few ideas with immense power of concentration”). A narration is definitely dynamic. A dialogue between aunt and Nicolas audio natural and typical. The speech with the main characters to some lengthen reveals all their psychological make-up. The discussion plays an essential part in the story since the manner in which each individual speaks implies his frame of mind. In the textual content we see no open assessments given by the author, but we are quick to know that his affections and concerns happen to be with his heroes. The author expresses his frame of mind with the help of ironic drawing in the characters. So , the general sculpt of the extract is sarcastic and humorous. The author areas to a number of expressive means and stylistic devices. Regarding the syntax, he uses lots of compound sentences with subordinate clauses(...


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