Graduation Presentation

Hi i'm Ly'chae Corley and I would like to

give a due to all of the parents, and every person

that is below today, and i also would like to make use of this time to

take attention to my personal parents-I Wll always take pleasure in you

fellas, my family-the ones who also helped me throug h

hard times, my own peers-the kinds who under no circumstances let me down

, my own teachers-who pushed me while i needed this, the

personnel -for assisting me get my method around the institution

when I could hardly and my grandma's-for aiding me with

things simply grandmas can help with.

In 2013 Oprah Winfrey stated this offer at Harvard

" That how far you could rise. At some point

you happen to be bound to trip.... If you're regularly

pushing your self higher... the law of averages, not to

refer to the Myth of Icarus, predicts that you will at

some point fall. Then when you do I need you to find out

this, remember this: You cannot find any such factor as failure.

Failure is just life trying to move us in another

way. " Yeah I believe that whenever you're in a good

location something you did recently could endanger

that placement or put you in a position you choose to

have much less success then before.

I think president Obama said it best when he said,

" Change will not come whenever we wait for some other person

or some additional time. We could the ones we have been waiting

for. We are the change that we seek. ”. We're the ones

who can generate something of the future. You can't

depend on any individual but your self. Depending on somebody

can cost you your chance to make something away of

yourself. This one time I counted on someone to maintain a

paper that I remaining in my last period class, they were

being after college for support on homework, they said

they might get it for me and finished up not delivering it

because they forgot it inside the class these were studying

in. So I discovered to keep track of my own stuff rather than leave

my own papers which can be due the very next day in a course. So take

the risk and make anything out of your chance to get

something increased.

Back in the day frederick Douglass said" if

there is not any struggle, there is not any progress. ” Through

crisis you have to struggle. At some point in your

life you are going to have to go through something and so

hard that you maybe can't handle it, but the harder you

try to get through that, the more progress you'll have in

the end. We struggle a lot when I need to write paperwork and

do piles of homework and carry around pounds of

catalogs and a lot of other stuff, so I do struggle it's just not that noticeable.

Mark Twain when said" Stay clear of

those who try to belittle your ambitions. Tiny people

constantly do that, but the really great make you believe

that you just to can be great. ” Knowing that there are

people who desire to bring you down allows you to want to

accomplish this even more than you wanted to before. If

somebody try to offer you with down ignore them and

become a thing greater than they expected you to

become. Have always a friend about who motivates

you to do things. Because at some point you'll need a

little advice and persuasion to keep you heading. I've acquired

a friend or two in the past in which they believed I was

somebody who wasn't that smart and gets awful grades,

but they didn't be aware that I don't get bad marks and I

knuckle down to get the grades that I do get.

In mahatma gandhi's words" Be the

change that you just wish to see in the world. ” Being

diverse in the world is good, embrace that and never permit

it proceed. By being different you can replace the world in

many different techniques, you'll just have to have the

courage to deal with the ones who want to take away

that valor and use it themselves or the complications

that can ruin everything that you have worked pertaining to. I've

proved helpful hard on collecting teddy bears, and my sis

through apart every single plush bear that I experienced when I

was away, most she explained when I confronted her was that

you required to get rid of them, I was mad in her for

awhile till I could hardly be angry at her.

H. Jackson Brown...


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