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The Ethnographic Perspective: Visitor of the Sheik

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Training course Name: Anthropology 102

Thesis Statement

In her ethnography, Guests of the Sheik, Elizabeth Fernea writes regarding her experience living in Korea with her husband, a great anthropologist on assignment executing field exploration for his doctorate in anthropology. Fernea speaks of her bookings about becoming such a stranger, getting into an unfamiliar environment, and displays her animosity at start her married life living in a two-room off-road hut without plumbing or perhaps connecting doors to the different room. In those short years, Fernea wrote about the habitants of this small village, their very own traditions, gender roles and family kinship system. Your woman faced many obstacles initially of her work. Nevertheless , she overrode those handicaps by learning the language and building great relations numerous women in the village. Fernea, demonstrates her own skills with the methodical recording in the life in El Nahra; adapting to our lives in ethnocentrism through her words and actions. In addition, through as well as experiences, the lady became conscious of her ethnocentrism, an important aspect in producing a obvious ethnology in anthropological exploration. In this daily news I will quickly explain the idea of ethnocentrism and its particular relationship to anthropological exploration, then I can discuss how Fernea's publication, written some 48 in years past is still utilized today in collegiate research to demonstrate how ethnography offers us a different perspective vs . a journalist's view of Iraq.

Although she and her hubby were highly regarded westerners, Fernea had to know that the role of female in the Iraqi village compelled her to adapt to new unpleasant gender-based social best practice rules. Iraq being largely an Islamic country, gender roles were clearly defined as they are for many Islamists. Islam is a firmly masculine religious beliefs such that males are at...

Referrals: Fernea, Elizabeth Warnock. Guests of the Sheik: An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village. New york city: Anchor Literature, 1965.

Robbins, R. H. (2012). Cultural Anthropology. Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. Belmont, CA


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