Final Project

Dawn Harshbarger

Rising Ocean Levels

Presently much studies being done and remains being done within the current rise in sea amounts. There are many different thoughts and many scenarios that could happen. The fact that rising marine levels will change the wet lands and the coastal areas, as we know these people is a harsh reality that humankind should certainly face rather quickly. Coastal locations that are now very designed with substantial rise condominiums on the coast line can eventually be under drinking water at least the initial few floors, foule will have to continue to move away from the coast, thus creating a congestion impact. Eventually fresh water will occupy salt normal water and this is going to kill away plant and animal your life that are not able to adapt. The rising amounts will also get plant life that will not be able to deal with living under water. Increasing sea levels will change the structure of the environment and land, guy will have to modify or fail so to speak. I do think that guy is well aware of the destruction we are undertaking but the global effect is likely to make rapid change without gentleman. We like a race, a whole race will need to make alter, and getting everybody on board to generate global alter will be hard to do, because merely trying to get a sizable group to perform one certain thing is hard. Not that long ago a bunch attempted to receive everyone to suspend travelling or gas usage for starters day to help see if the expense of fuel would be affected yet there was very little support and therefore nothing changed. Some people who have do not believe that or who have no familiarity with these things will discover it hard to modify the way they do something in their everyday routine. Then you will have those types who say that sea amounts will not alter and those whom do want to scare everybody. If we tend not to start lowering the greenhouse effect and begin, conserving powers and minimizing pollution ice caps can continue to dissolve. The only thing we will have to wonder about will be just how fast and what price will the glaciers melt....


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