Conversation Questions

1 . What accounts for Acer's outstanding start up? What induced this company to outpace quite a few other Taiwanese PC firms?

Stan Shih worked very difficult and seized every possibility to do his business, great business which include various factors. Its included the comptuer science, professional, and posting trade magazines.

There are lots of reasons casued Acer to outpace scores of other Taiwanese PC businesses. 1 . The organization seized every opportunity. That makes Acer become a incredibly creative and innovative business in the market. 2 . Frugality. Acer using this technique saved lots of money, for example , have got fewer offices, decreasing inventory costs, and reducing set up time. several. The employees had been highly highly valued. They can provide suggestions and ideas and having ownership in business. 4. Using " Acer 1-2-3”. Buyers always emerged first, and followed by staff and investors. 5. Acer always keep great relations with suppliers, suppliers, dealers, partners and buyers. 6. Applying joint projects to broadening sales.

7. Acer developed offshore market, just like Asia, Central East, and Latin America. 8. Acer did market research. They know very well what kinds of goods that customers really wanted.

2 . Following such a powerful decade, how come did Acer's growth and profitability tumble in the late 1980's? How do you examine Leonard Liu's performance?

There are two causes of Acer's progress in the 1980's, first of all, Acer has their particular design and style, and creation and developing were obviously. Secondly, Acer's employees should buy shares inside the company. This can be the perfect approach to raise funds for growth and expansion. Also, there are several factors for the profitability tumble in the late 1980's. one of them is usually management concern. As the Acer has become large, and the number of workers are more than...


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