External factors will be beyond the control of a firm, its success will depend to a large extent on its adaptability for the environment. The external marketing environment contains:

a) Macro environment, and

b) Micro environment

a) Micro environment:  The environmental factors that are in its proximity. The factors impact the company's non-capacity to produce and serve the MARKET. The factors are: 1) Suppliers:  The suppliers to a organization can also adjust its competitive position and marketing capabilities. These are raw material suppliers, energy suppliers, suppliers of labor and capital. In accordance to michael Porter, the partnership between suppliers and the organization epitomizes a power formula between them. This equation is based on the market condition and the extent where each of them relies on the other. The bargaining benefits of the provider gets maximized in the following situations: a) The seller company is a monopoly or a great oligopoly company.

b) The supplier is definitely not appreciative to contend with other substitute products available for sale to the buyer group. c) The buyer can be not an crucial customer.

d) The suppliers' product is an essential input towards the buyer's organization and completed product. e) The supplier poses a real threat of forward integration.

2) Market Intermediaries:  Every manufacturer has to have numerous intermediaries pertaining to promoting, advertising and releasing the goods and service to best consumers. These intermediaries could possibly be individual or business businesses. These intermediaries are middleman (wholesalers, retailers, agent's and so forth ), distributing agency marketplace service companies and banks. 3) Customers�: Absolutely free themes may be grouped as:

1) Ultimate customers:  These customers could possibly be individual and householders. 2) Industrial customers:  These customers happen to be organization which in turn buy services and goods for creating other services and goods for the purpose of different earning income or rewarding other aims. 3) Resellers:  They are the...


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