The Metric System

Technological data is usually reported employing metric system units of measurement. You will find four standard metric measurement units:

• Length = meter (m)

• Volume sama dengan liter (l)

• Mass (weight) = gram (g)

• Temperatures = ° Celsius (° C)

All four metric system basic units could be converted into greater or small units merely by adding a prefix in front of the basic product:

Unit prefixes:

• kilo (k) sama dengan Makes the fundamental unit a thousand times larger (103)

• deci (d) = Makes the fundamental unit 12 time small (10-1 or perhaps 1/10)

• centi (c) = The actual basic product 100 instances smaller (10-2 or 1/100)

• milli (m) sama dengan Makes the fundamental unit one thousand times more compact (10-3 or perhaps 1/1000)

• micro (µ) = Makes the basic product a million occasions smaller (10-6 or 1/1, 000, 000)

For example , a person may possibly weigh 63, 000 grams. That same person also weighs 63 kilograms (kg) since every kilogram is equal to a thousand grams. These kinds of larger and smaller products are called " derived” models

A) Length

The basic product of size in the metric system is the meter (m). Common produced units will be the centimeter (cm) (10-2 or 1/100 of the meter) as well as the millimeter (mm) (10-3 or perhaps 1/1000 of your meter). Intended for measuring huge distances, the kilometer (103 or a thousand meters) can often be used.

B) Volume

The basic unit of volume inside the metric method is the liters (l). The most common derived device is the milliliter (ml) (10-3 or 1/1000 of a liter). The volume of any milliliter is definitely equal to the volume of a dice 1 centimeter per part. (The ml is often known as the cu centimeter (cc) in the medical field). An additional derived unit is the micrometer (µl) (10-6 or 1/1, 000, 500 of a liter).

C) Mass (weight)

The basic unit of mass in the metric system is the gram (g). The most common derived unit is the mg (mg) (10-3 or 1/1000 of a gram). For calculating large world, the kg (103 or perhaps 1000 grams) is often used.

D) Temperatures

The basic device of temperatures in the...


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