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Exploration Question

1)What is consumerism and how will it differ between More Financially Developed Countries, Less Economically Developed Countries and Newly Developing Countries?

In order to solution this query, I will produce a worldwide map of the creation process of Nokia's phones (one of the leading mobile phone manufactures) and to understand the different jobs that several countries have on the manufacture of mobile phones. Furthermore Let me look at sources on charts and images which have information on consumerism in order to help me gain a much better understanding of consumerism.

2)How perform mobile phones influence people in another way in MEDCs, LEDCs and Developing Countries?

In order to answer this query, I will be needs to look at three different countries which are The British isles (MEDC), Democratic Republic of Congo (LEDC), and China (Newly Developing Countries). I will also be assessing the positives, negatives plus the overview of sustainability of telephone on in different ways developed counties.

3)To describe the environmentally friendly impacts of mobile phones on people in the environment.

Just for this question, I will be looking at spots around the world to aid create a even more sustainable foreseeable future and also evaluate these ways to help obtain a better understanding about the impacts of mobile phones in our environment.


How the mobile phone industry may have a positive or bad impact on diverse groups of people.

What is consumerism?

Consumerism dictionary definition: " The protection or promo of the passions of consumers” or " The preoccupation of society with the acquisition of consumer goods” But whom do we phone a consumer? Consume basically ways to use some misconception, either by consuming them, putting them on or using them and otherwise using them to satisfy your desires and desires. For example a teen might choose the latest clothing or technology so it‘s based on vogue and popularity, even though a mother of 3 would purchase her kids essential products based on all their lifestyle. It's about currently taking everything that could be taken, consuming everything that may be consumed.

What does the cartoon show?


The cartoon is definitely showing a man telling his wife that he bought something. The wife can be thrilled since in our Consumerist society ordering something helps the economy and she is completely happy because of that. She actually is also content because ordering things in our society can be regular and we exist in excess. The cartoonist can be showing that individuals buy items so much and are always content about it. Never looking at the results or for what we could possibly be doing with this money just like helping people who find themselves less fortunate.


The cartoon seriously shows the dangers of Consumerism. It displays a lady telling another female that the girl bought a big, crazy equipment she will will never need just because it had been on sale as well as the store was running away. The cartoonist is trying to show that people purchase things regardless if they do not need them, such as the lady inside the cartoon is performing. This displays the biggest problem of Consumerism. Consumerism can be buying useless things that you don't need inside the excess, this is just what this toon is demonstrating.

How and why does customer choice vary for MEDCs and LEDCs?

Rich countries (MEDC) - Disposable cash flow; better jobs; higher income; and their family members are smaller and can afford luxuries. (Examples of people are in the Combined Kingdom) Poor countries (LEDC) - Necessity; there are fewer skilled jobs, lower pay so they do not have a disposable cash flow; and have big families. (Examples of people happen to be in the Democratic Republic of Congo)

This shows just how different consumerism is in LEDCs and MEDCs. In MEDCs, people are addicted to shopping since the buying figures will be increasing. Although in the LEDC there do not disposable salary so they may be no addiction to shopping and they...

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