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My best friend, a descriptive essay


When I first attained Josh We wasn't overly impressed. I had developed walked into a Hooters cafe to eat with good friends, and sitting down at the desk that approached me was Josh. I didn't notice his rugged good looks. I didn't stop to look down upon his broad shoulders, and thick breasts. I barely noticed the caramel color of his eyes, nor his nicely manicured goatee.


What I observed, was a cracked tooth. An extremely tiny, short, yellowing, broken upper assortment tooth. Good tooth, I recall thinking. Who also could have well-known that small insignificant catch was what made me take serious notice and start paying attention.


From his head to his toes, his butt to his nose area, Josh is usually one good looking member of you persuasion. He's the kind of person that sticks out in a group. Blessed with height and an athletic build, the majority of my woman friends provide him a eight or better on the babe scale.


To guage him only on performances would fulfill the most cynical of splendor critics. But his appears don't scuff the surface of his a large number of layers. They can make you wonder about what lies beneath the outside. Is he intelligent, funny, or dedicated? Are the distinctive crinkles and laugh lines around his eyes coming from laughing or glaring? How come do the teeth that hide behind soft pink lip area appear thus warn and stained? Was this depending on a laid back oral cleanliness routine, or perhaps merely the accidental blemishes of a reckless youth?


Tanned and toned, one may well wonder if he spent his days exercising in the gym and later lying in a tanning understructure. More cautious observation would reveal the tan to get uneven and freckled by many hours in the scorching sunshine. The scars and calluses on his hands, face, and shoulders inform the story of several hardworking several hours outdoors. Deeply developed shoulder muscles, and a powerful back, place him as a man created and carefully bred to labor.

His dark eye and deep...


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