One Travelled over the Cuckoo's Nest written by the recognized Ken Kesey, explores the socio-cultural context of 1960s America. Kesey incorporates various linguistic techniques, main heroes and climactic scenes to portray the shift in power and conflict between the ward patients and ‘The Big Nurse'. These constant alterations in power are Kesey's way of expressing the detrimental results that issue may possess upon the soundness of the ward, and the wellbeing of the individuals. The adjustments are also used to portray just how specific character types constantly change the system by simply creating confrontation in order to see their wanted ‘change'. Kesey uses meaning throughout the text to highlight the trapped and oppressed minds of those isolated from culture. It is apparent that Kesey used to new to supporter his level of resistance towards the mistreatment of those men who seen the world in a different circumstance, and who were afraid to conform to the normal standards of society. The troubled express of the establishment is communicated in a thought provoking way, with the use of significance and metaphors such as the fog machine, as well as the electroshock remedy table. The ‘fog machine' is a hallucinogenic state experienced by Chief, symbolizing his slipping far from reality and into oblivion. Chief often describes the appearance of the fog shortly after medication time, or when he is a state of fear and anxiety. This individual describes the fog, like a product of fog devices located in the vents, which in turn he likens to the man-made fog that was used by the military to protect airfields. On occasions main doesn't simply venture in to the fog, this individual loses most reality with this world, and ventures right into a figment of his creativeness. In one picture, Chief steps into a picture on the keep wall. " I look back out through the frame in which visiting doctor talking together with the residents”. Occasions such as these symbolize Chief for conflict with himself, he longs pertaining to change plus the courage to...


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