Orissa was renamed as Odisha and Oriya language was renamed because Odia about 9 The fall of 2010[8] simply by Parliament of India. The name Odisha is derived from the modified type of ancient words Ora (Ura) or Odra Desa or perhaps Sumera or Odra bisaya The earliest epigraphic reference to Odras is found in the Soro water piping plate give of Somadatta from which it really is clear that Uttara Tosali with its visaya Sarepahara identified with Soro of Baleswar district was part of Odra Visaya. [9] Both Pali and Sanskrit Literatures mention the Odra people because Oddaka and Odrah, respectively. Ancient freelance writers like Pliny the Older and Ptolemy described the Odra people as Oretes. In the Mahabharata the Odras are mentioned along with the Paundras, Utkals, Mekalas, Kalingas and Andhras, although according to Manu the Odras are associated with the Paundrakas, Dravidas, Kambojas, Yavanas, Sakas, Paradas, Pallavas, Chinas[clarification needed], Kiratas and Khasas. The location of the Odra area has been given inside the Natural Good Pliny through which it is mentioned that the Oretes were inhabiting the country where stood the Mount Maleus. The Ancient greek language Oretes is probably the Sanskrit Odra and the Mount Maleus continues to be identified with Malayagiri around Pala Lahara. Pliny co-workers the Support Maleus with the people referred to as Monedes and Sharis who were probably the identical to the Mundas and the Savaras respectively inhabiting the upland regions of Odisha. The Chinese pilgrim Hiuen-Tsang who frequented Odisha in about 636 A. G. gives a bank account of the area named Wu-Che which is very likely the same as Odra. The pilgrim states the Wu-Cha (Wu-tu) country was above 7, 000 li in routine and its capital was over 20 li in signal. The area of the territory, that was 7, 1000 li or perhaps (2, 253 km) in circuit, was very extensive. General Cunningham who calls this area as Odra or Odra Desa creates as follows: " The old province of Odra desa or Or-desa was restricted to the pit of the Mahanadi and to the low course of the...


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