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Vol. a couple of No . several; July 2012

Effect of Computer-Assisted Packages for the Performance of Senior Second Students in Mathematics in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria Ada Anyamene, PhD Chinyelu Nwokolo, PhD Department of Guidance and Counselling Nnamdi Azikiwe School Awka, Nigeria. Faith Anyachebelu, PhD Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria. Victoria C. Anemelu, PhD Department of Mathematics San Bernardino Area College 701 S Support Vernon Opportunity San Bernardino, CA 92410, USA. Abstract This research investigated the result of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) package within the performance of Senior Secondary Students in Mathematics (Algebra) in Awka, Anambra Point out, Nigeria. The analysis examined the value of retention achievement scores of students taught using computer-assisted instruction and conventional approach. The sample consisted of 40 senior extra school learners drawn from two secondary schools. Stratified random sampling utilized to select 40 students (20 males and 20 females). Three analysis questions and three ideas were formulated, and examined at 0. 05 level significance. The Algebra Success Test (AAT) was made of fifty items of qmc (question multiple choice ) objective type, developed and validated pertaining to data collection. The Algebra achievement Test out (AAT) was administered to students while pre-test and post-test. The results of students had been analyzed employing t-test figure to test the hypotheses. The actual result indicated that students taught using (CAI) package performed significantly better than their counterparts taught making use of the conventional approach to instruction. Learners taught using CAI performed better than the control group in preservation test. Likewise there was zero significant difference inside the post-test efficiency scores of guy and female learners taught applying CAI of package. Based upon the conclusions it was recommended that Computer-Assistant Program should be encouraged for teaching and learning of mathematics.

Key words: Computer, Aided Instruction package deal; Mathematics, Gender; Retention 1 ) Introduction Mathematics studies in Nigeria possess continued to generate a great deal of interest. The fact that the average Nigerian child generally seems to under-achieve in mathematics is actually a source of critical concern to educationists, father and mother and the average person. Mathematics occupies a central place in the Nigerian educational system. The value of math to nation building \leads the Federal Government of Nigeria to make mathematics a core controlled by be made available from students by any means levels of education in Nigeria (FRN, 2004). Okafor (2002) notes that mathematics is compulsory to get entry requirement into university education. One is expected to credit rating mathematics to qualify a person to study.


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An in depth examination of the performance of students in Anambra State in the West Africa Senior Extra Certificate Exam (WASSCE) effects of four consecutive years says most students probably would not get entry into college or university owing to all their failure to credit mathematics (WAEC, 2012). Anagolu (2006) observes that students possess problems on how to study math. These concerns emanate because of a lot of problems facing the effective teaching and learning of mathematics by any means levels of Nigerian educational organization (Bankolere, 2006). Okafor (2002) and Okeke (2006) identify poor educating methods since the major element contributing to the poor performance of students in mathematics. Onyezuligbo (2003) as well observes that poor study habit leads to students poor performance in mathematics. Okoli (1995) remarks that the math classroom in Nigeria continues to be typified by traditional patterns of teaching and learning which may have remained the same. On this, Karron, and Sk?rpe (2005) be aware that in Nigeria today, instructors, textbooks, chalkboards...

References: Onyezuligbo, A. (2003). Dimensions of study habit problems in mathematics. Journal of a comprehensive studies 3, 82-88.


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