- For one, all of us had been taught in school that Jose Rizal can be our national hero. You know that he fought intended for our region against diverse countries who wish to control us. We became an independent region because of him. What made Jose Rizal worthy of becoming the Philippines' nationwide hero was not merely his intelligence, individuality, or his pacifist ideals. Rather, it absolutely was his patriotism, optimism, undying love for his region and his belief in his countrymen which set him separate. He assumed not merely in freedom but in the potential of the Filipino people to surpass the actual were beneath the Spanish colonial government, and he wanted was to enable them to be given to be able to tap that potential. As well as for that, this individual has attained his right place as a symbol of exactly what a Filipino can easily do in a single short lifetime. Rizal remains a nationalist icon inside the Philippines to get helping the nation take it is first steps toward independence. Many people patronized Jose Rizal due to what he had done for our region. In terms of everyday activities, we can become a hero whenever by just supporting others in small techniques. By giving food to those who may have no money to obtain food, simply by helping others that are in need, there are many ways to support other people and by that we may also become a leading man.

But today, is this individual still a role model to get the Philippine youth? Is usually he even now being kept in mind the way a national leading man should be? Can be he an inspiration to the younger years? According to some, youth will be back bone to the region. They can replace the future of the society using their well being, plucky and courageous behavior. Unfortunately, today we discover the youth those who are more interested in other places which can be not useful to them as well as to our motherland. They tend to spend their very own days performing drugs and alcohols, playing video games, spending their evenings partying and living up. I must acknowledge, the children of today will be out of control, they will follow the incorrect path/crowd only for their pleasure, leisure and popularity. What is worse with the situation is the children that are the most out of control would be the individuals residing in poverty, most these person rob and kill persons, most of them residing in the wrong course of drugs and liquors and a lot of them concerning themselves in parenting for a very young age. Maybe mainly because they truly feel they have no anything, downing them to thinking when you you do not have anything there exists nothing to lose. With regards with facing the difficulties we have today should be done with a centered and powerful direction, providing activities that will make us realize the actual essence to be a youngsters and of course the teaching of what is genuinely right and what is seriously essential and precious with the nation. We must motivate other folks, we must educate everyone the value of responsibility and the purpose of goal setting. Since if we do not have everything settled, we will soon become supporting a complete generation of homeless and needlessly groups of our region. I believe almost everything bad is usually not regular, everything worthless is obviously reliant; things need to change, with this schools, together with the older generation establishing as good position models, with the older generation environment as stringent mentors with the older generation establishing as suitable leaders.

Jose Rizal declares that " The children is the hope of tomorrow”. The youngsters should stick to Rizal's Perspective of a real liberty and democracy pertaining to the Filipino people and a profound love to get our nation. The Spaniards are gone, the Americans offered us independence but yes, we are continue to prisoners. Criminals of our changeless politicians with managed to emaciated our region of their pride and treasure. Individuals elected officials who manufactured a sham of our democratic system and making all of us believe that social inequality is definitely the norm to get the fragile and underprivileged. The Filipino youth is going to take a stand and create a new way of free our country of such dishonest individuals....


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