Three global empires have the ability to significantly affected world record in a variety of ways. The Spanish, British and Dutch empires had been all imperialiste, global forces at some point of all time. Although they were all driven by prosperity, they had different goals. The Spanish, Nederlander and United kingdom empires most extended their particular political control over seas. Spanish conquistadors colonized a significant portion from the land inside the western hemisphere through religious conquests simply by spreading Catholicism. The Nederlander colonized many spice-islands in Asia, S. africa and the Caribbean. The United kingdom had colonies all over the world, essentially the most well known, New Britain. The English, Dutch and Spanish empires were most incredibly rich global capabilities. The The spanish language colonized the new world that was filled with riches. Inside the new world, the Spanish build the Columbian Exchange, the large, widespread exchange of vegetation, animals, foods, slaves, diseases and suggestions between the Eastern and American hemispheres. The nation of The country of spain was totally dependent on the gold and silver in the New World. The Dutch West India Business was create and provided a twenty five year monopoly to those parts of the world that were not manipulated by it is East India counterpart: the Atlantic, the Americas as well as the west seacoast of Africa. The English East India Company was an English joint-stock company that traded with the Indian subcontinent and China and tiawan which enhanced the nation's riches. Although all the empires experienced many similarities, there were the few distinctions. The Spanish and the United kingdom were more oriented toward colonization while the Dutch were more focused organization and transact. In fact , for one moment in time the Japanese will only transact with the Dutch as japan were sure that the Nederlander were not planning to conquer and colonize Japan.


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