Technology has evolved our world in lots of aspects and through various inventions and advances. Technology has changed our world in mainly two aspects, our physical environment and our life style. Our physical environment is described as the properties, the system around all of us. For example , the trains and cars we see every day, the air-conditioners present in buildings and such. Our life-style is how we actually begin doing activities; the way we deal with concerns. Technology has changed our physical environment in cities greatly. It has improved the physical environment, for instance , the temperatures in structures, where a area can be cooled down with air-conditioning. Technology features particularly transformed the travel sector, where infrastructure in current methods of transport are all made possible with the use of technology. For example , basically, trains and buses we utilize because means of transportation, were all created through the use of technology. The roads and vehicles that individuals see in our tracks now were all just made possible by using technology. Assess this towards the past, wherever walking or bicycles were the main modes of travel before automobiles and train locomotives were created. The use of technology has also improved our physical environment when it comes to pollution. With advances in technology such as industrialization, the use of autos and so on, hazardous gases have already been released into the atmosphere as a result of these activities. These fumes result in our atmosphere having more harmful gases when compared to past, in this way changing our physical environment. Also, the innumerable taller buildings that individuals see in numerous cities around the world were just made possible by using technology; to ensure that the structures would be secure even as the buildings had been built higher and higher. Technology is used to regularly improve the top quality of tangible so that it is definitely stronger, and thus can be used for taller properties. The chemical composition of cements and...


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