The Catcher in the Rye:

The value of the Nuns and Adam Castle

By Alie Yu

The Baseball catchers in the Rye by M. D. Salinger is a book narrating the storyline of Holden Caulfield, a troubled teen who is trying to find an escape from your flaws of society. Following leaving his boarding university and journeying aimlessly for days, he determines to visit his little sister, Phoebe. After his introduction, Phoebe knows that he has been kicked out of school and begins to hound him with concerns. When Phoebe asks him to name something that he likes, Holden immediately thinks of two nuns that he just lately met, and a former classmate named James Castle. My topic is, " The moment asked by Phoebe what he loves, Holden can easily think of the nuns and James Fort. Why do you really suppose he thinks of such people? ”.

Throughout the novel, Holden struggles with the notion of the " phoniness” of society. He believes that most adults will be deceiving, materialistic people who just act in greed and conceit. Holden thinks that children are pretty much the only " non-phonies” in the world, and he wishes to halt them by maturing into adulthood. This individual only aspects children and people who prove to be selfless, compassionate, and always stay true to themselves. As a result, if he is asked what he loves, Holden considers the nuns and David Castle. These kinds of figures are among the people that Holden admires and acknowledges because " non-phonies”.

Holden meets the nuns a few days before this individual visits Phoebe. While ingesting breakfast with the Grand Central Station, the nuns take a seat next to him, and in addition they strike up a conversation. They may be dressed in a dark, homely fashion, plus they talk openly about their careers and hobbies. He learns that they are functioning as schoolteachers. The nuns treat him in a kind manner, and thank him profusely if he decides to donate with their charity container. Holden even comes close the nuns with artificial people in the life, just like his cousin and Sally Haye's mother. He knows that neither of these people...


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