1 ) The WTO is important since FTA is based on the WTO framework. The FTA purports to strengthen existing WTO arrangement. Also the FTA has aspects very similar to those present in the WTO agreement as well as the added benefits of fine tuning to higher meet the particular needs with the EU and Korea. Inside the EU-Korea FTA, it welcomes much of the existing WTO obligations while producing modifications to some aspects of WTO agreements. For instance , the EU-Korea chapter upon technical limitations to trade commits to the spirit of the WTO policy and tries to improve on the WTO coverage. And EU-Korea has a argument settlement mechanism based on the WTO dispute settlement model, but with the improvement of being more quickly. Regional and bilateral negotiating are the influx of the future since WTO had not achieved much of what it got promised. Additionally , certain facets of trade happen to be better dealt with in a bilateral rather than a multilateral agreement. Look at the EU-Korea FTA, represents a shift via an focus on multilateral transact (WTO) to a accelerated negotiation of zwischenstaatlich FTAs. The EU feels that the EU-Korea FTA works more effectively than the WTO at addressing issues of competition coverage, regulatory problems, government purchase, and better intellectual home protection. And EU-Korea expands the existing WTO agreement to include public works concessions and build-operate-transfer contracts that are not covered under the existing WTO agreement. 2 . The EU-Korea FTA permit protectionist measures just like antidumping and safeguard actions by the two parties. This is necessary also to ensure a fair treatment for all the parties worried. The purpose of protectionist measures is always to rectify the trade distortive effect of dropping and re-establish fair transact.


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