Spark originates her and building plots not sequentially, but part by part, making considerable use of the narrative approach of prolepsis (flash-forward). For example , the reader is aware early on that Miss Brodie is tricked, though sequentially this occurs at the end with their school years. Gradually Spark reveals the betrayer, not only that all the details around the event happen to be told. Spark develops her characters in this way, too: Joyce Emily can be introduced immediately as the woman who is refused from the William cannon set. With this technique, the narrator in the story is omniscient and timeless, relating the entire plot all at once.

Spark creates deep characterizations that are realistic inside their human flaws.  Hal Hager, in his discourse on the story, writes of Sandy and Miss William cannon: " The complexity of these two heroes, especially Blue jean Brodie, showcases the intricacy of human being life. Blue jean Brodie is genuinely intention on opening up her girls' lives, on heightening all their awareness of themselves and their globe, and on disregarding free of restrictive, conventional techniques for thinking, sense, and being"

In The prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Muriel Ignite uses particular narrative techniques which echo the ways of manipulation used by the title personality of her novel. On one hand, an omniscient third person narrator is actually a way for the reader to experience each of the character's thoughts and sights so that as the novel earnings, the reader can observe the diverse views of Miss Blue jean Brodie by every girl in the set and analyze many different aspects of Miss Brodie's personality. On the other hand, the narrative associated with the text, like the specific focalization aspects and the constant utilization of analepses and prolepses in a visibly authoritative manner, help the impression the fact that reader's conclusions are in fact manipulated by the narrator, although it may seem there is no particular attitude to characters and events suggested by means of liaison.

Obvious to the reader immediately is the fact that Spark uses many period shifts which usually keep the reader's attention targeted. The time system of quickly forwarding and rewinding triggers the book to seem more fictional. In The prime of Miss Blue jean Brodie, the narrator begins in 1936 but shortly jumps returning to 1930, after which forward once again to 1943, the year of Mary Macgregor's death. The girl then comes back to 1939 and then back to 1931. The narrative then simply jumps toward 1959 then returns to 1931. A specific example of this kind of obscure period structure is on page 26-27, " It was twenty-eight years later…It can be time now to speak of the long walk…" (Spark [1984]: 26-27). In this particular quotation, Ignite begins while using girls by a young grow older. She then jumps forward to when Eunice is elderly and living her personal life, before going back to time when the girls are small. Although puzzling at times, this kind of format features the past, present and way forward for the girls to be able to show Miss Brodie's impact on them as adults at the same time with their romance as educator and students but it also affects the reader's reception from the text in a quite different way.

The jumping of the time structure, although it gives suspense for the novel overall so that the audience does not understand who betrayed Miss Brodie or why, does not provide the reader the opportunity to think and analyze the characters. The time scheme causes confusion, practically as if the reader is being brainwashed. There is no focus on a particular time period for lengthy. The liaison constantly buttons from year upon year so the reader cannot target too long upon certain activities of Miss Brodie or any of the character types. When studying the novel the reader simply cannot form their particular conclusions with the set or predict any kind of outcome.

Another noticeable characteristic from the novel that relates to the narrative may be the repetition of numerous concepts. In several events, the narrator alludes to a significant happening early on in

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