Eddie Truong

Prof. Gray

The english language 28

14 March 2013

Finding The Theme

Many testimonies around the world possess a wide variety of theme and issues that are not very easily identified. Throughout stories, authors like to illustrate the characterization of figure rather than the storyline. The reason creators don't identify the plan of the story is because through the characterization in the characters, visitors are able to identify the different issues the author features planted in the story. Alice Walker's " Everyday Use” is a short story that explores just how some people often view their family history and traditions. Even though the subject of the account does not give a sense of genre, it is actually a drama story as it has issues between different people. This history begins once Mama and Maggie will be waiting at their yard for the arrival with their daughter/sister. Once Dee, the sister arrives, she notifies her family that she gets thrown away her name another name. Whenever they all enter into the house, Dee asks her mom to get valuables that had been left behind by their past family. At first Mother agrees to offer it with her, but neglects later mainly because Mama believed that Dee would not take the important heritage of the family tradition. Dee, who is furious at this point, operates out of the house and left saying they do not understand the real significance of their traditions. In the history, " Everyday Use” uses direct and indirect portrayal through Mama, Maggie, and Dee to elucidate the theme of personal belief some people have for his or her family traditions.

One way the theme becomes clearer towards the readers can be through the roundabout characterization of Mama. Indirect characterization is usually shown over the story showing the traits of the personas by what there is a saying and them. The readers have the ability to have a feeling of who the character is by roundabout characterization. For instance , " A yard like this is more secure then many people know. It is not only a yard. It really is like...


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