The Student Handbook


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Every PUPPY student is usually an extension and a reflection in the University. Therefore, whether on or off campus, they is anticipated to be a model of the highest rules of behavior befitting a genuine scholar, an upcoming professional, and a respectable resident.

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He/she is usually expected to know the philosophy, perspective and quest of the College or university, the meaning of its logo design, and the Imno ng PUPPY DOG.

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The PUP Idea

As a state University, the PUP thinks that education is musical instrument for the development of the citizenry and for the

enhancement of nation building. It feels that the meaningful growth and transformation with the country would be best achieved within an atmosphere of brotherhood, tranquility, freedom, proper rights and a

nationalist-oriented education imbued with the spirit of humanist internationalism.

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The Polytechnic University with the Philippines anticipate itself being a pre-eminent nationwide and intercontinental leader in higher education and an innovative global powerhouse of quality and relevant

education, dedicated to training tomorrow's market leaders and scholars throughout the highest quality learning experiences and growth in instruction, exploration and in order to our country and the

international community.

10-Point Vision To a Total University

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Foster high quality campus environment;

Strategize and institutionalize salary

Strengthen research, publications and creative functions;

Model top quality management and fiscal responsibility;

Enhances sense of community participation and linkages;

Institutionalize rules of academic liberty and


7. Promote





performance country wide and internationally;

8. Foster and enhance cultural traditions;

9. Built-in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with instruction, analysis, service and production; and

10. Develop wholesome living and working environment for

faculty, employees and students.

1 ) 2 . a few Mission

The mission of PUP in the 21st century is to provide the highest quality of comprehensive and global education and community

services accessible to all college students, Filipinos and foreigners likewise. It shall offer superior quality undergraduate and graduate programs that are responsive to the changing needs of the students for them to lead effective and meaningful lives.

PUPPY DOG shall maintain steadily its traditional quest based on the

founding idea and at the same time suggest additional

adjustments that will significantly enhance the realization of this quest in the context of global world. Therefore , around the strength in the PUP Philosophy, the School commits itself to:

1 . Democratize entry to educational options;

2 . Promote science and technology awareness and develop

relevant expertise and skills among all members of the

academic stressing their very own importance in building a really

independent and sovereign Thailand;

3. Highlight the unrestrained and continuous search for fact and its defense, as well as the advancement of moral and

spiritual principles;

4. Showcase awareness of our beneficial and relevant ethnic heritage;

a few. Develop in the students as well as the faculty the values of selfdiscipline, like of nation and social consciousness and the need to guard human rights;

6. Present its learners and faculty with a liberal-arts structured education essential to a larger understanding and

appreciation of life also to the total progress the


7. Make the students and the faculty conscious of technological, cultural as well as personal and monetary problems and encourage them to contribute to the realization of nationalist industrialization and financial development of the region;

8. Make use of and propagate the Countrywide Language...


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