In the story, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, there is certainly an ongoing conflict between drafted laws, meaningful laws, and injustice, which means being judged unfairly. In a perfect world, they all interact but Maycomb County is not a best world. Similar can be said regarding any other American city. Atticus Finch educates his children the importance of written laws and regulations, mainly that all people are " innocent until proven guilty”. The social structure of Maycomb, nevertheless , encourages another kind of justice, typically based on area of your pores and skin. The result within a person of color becoming treated because guilty, even when he proves that he's innocent. At the start of the new, injustice depending on prejudice and fears will be unknown of Jem and Scout, because they are only familiar with the regulation of written law, which their particular father procedures as a legal professional. Atticus increases Jem and Scout to get " color blind” and find out everyone evenly, and the written law sees everyone in the same way. Yet , by the end with the Tom Johnson case, that they both arrive to realize that the court system and juries can ignore written laws.

Throughout the novel, Atticus promotes the requirement and significance of the written-law. For example , the moment Atticus says, " The state has not developed on iota of medical evidence for the effect that the crime Tom Robinson is usually charged with ever happened. It has depended instead upon the testimony of two witnesses in whose evidence hasn't only recently been called into serious query on cross-examination, but has flatly been contradicted by the defendant…” (Pg. 203). Though Atticus sees that his client is faithful, he also knows that he must present his case in a way that will not upset the meaningful values of the jury. Though Atticus would have used Joe Ewells' bad past background bad figure against him, he realized the all-white jury will never find that believable. Instead, they might think that Atticus was merely attacking Frank Ewell's figure since this individual has no case. Therefore , Atticus...


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