Looking up the Problems of Stephen Johnson

Debbie Tarver


Doctor Pace

January 30, 2013

The story of Stephen Jones by Buttons Terkel points out that the American dream might not be the same for a lot of Americans. Sophie Cruz discusses his activities being Mexican in the business universe. He explains the problems he faced and exactly how he tried to fix them. Having been making cash working in supervision as long as this individual fell in collection and do not rock and roll the boat. They will wanted him because he was a minority but not black. This individual wanted to believe that the American dream was for everyone, nevertheless he found that it was not. The first problem that he had was when he was young. He explains that his family was fairly affluent but they lived down where each of the trashy white-colored people were living because that was the simply housing they will could get. He could not realise why because they were doing everything correct, they did not have Mexican features and they has not been on welfare. His daddy worked hard and instills that pride into his children to work hard and Stephen still carries that pride right now. The next problem was following he received his level he was buying a job and he got fourteen work offers and can have more if perhaps wanted to shop around. He was confident enough to feel that they wanted him because of his abilities certainly not because of the City Rights Take action of 1964. After working for Proctor & Gamble for about two years they will promoted him saying that having been one the very best supervisors that they can ever had. Using the noticing that his business office was glass enclosed while the other office buildings were shut so that you cannot see in them. He realized that having been the obvious man that he was satisfactory because he was not really dark-colored. He tried to hire blacks but when he did we were holding fired without good reason which was if he started to query the American dream. This individual left that job and move on another company hoping that this a single will be different, nonetheless it was like the very last one. Every job that he held in the...


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