Natural disaster - typhoon

Typhoons are horrible natural catastrophe that delivers storm and damage peoples' property. It's a tropical cyclone that grows in the western part of North Pacific Ocean, produced on the sea. Maximum suffered winds are more than thirty-two. 6 meters per second near the storm center. Such as the Ocean or eastern North Pacific cycles occurs, to realise the same depth of tropical cyclones, it really is called a storm. Every year you will discover 80-100 typhoons in the world, plus they have a huge effect on human lifestyle. An average of regarding 15, 500 to a couple of million persons die annually from among the list of typhoon tragedy, property deficits amounted to 6-70 billion dollars. Since 1990, China's reduction nearly 26 billion yuan, 400 persons die every year in the storm. Typhoon produce suddenly, harm strongly, this move quickly and unique. Maybe this move to east in the morning, although 2 hours later, it will proceed to west. So before the Meteorological satellite was invented, people is hard to catch the track of storm. Typhoons often bring good winds, 12 level wind flow can pull-up a big shrub, but hurricane wind is usually 12 level. Winds of level 12 can damage many things, just like overturn eight thousand plenty freighters, eliminate the complexes, damage interaction and electrical power facilities. People can not use cellular phone, telephone, net during the extremely typhoon. The strong blowing wind blows particles into the sky, outdoor environment become dangerous. This reveals typhoon with strong wind has strong damage. Typhoon is a very strong rainfall system. It down pours heavily 100-300mm of rain fall center even up to 500-800mm one day in each storm. The rainstorm led to flood that the plantation and the neighborhoods immerse in the water. As soon as the farm immersing in the avalanche, crops will probably be rot plus the farmer have no harvest. So the heavy rainwater make farmers confuse. On the other hand, typhoons have positive aspect for your life. The heavy rain brought by typhoons can pain relief the problems of arid area. During the...


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