LEXSEE 938 F2D 1092

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. ALFRED JAMES PRINCE, Defendant-Appellant

No . 90-6370


938 F. 2d 1092; 1991 U. S i9000. App. LEXIS 14248

This summer 9, 1991, Filed

SUBSEQUENT RECORD: Writ of certiorari denied Prince sixth is v. United States, 502 U. H. 961, 112 S. Computertomografie. 427, 116 L. Impotence. 2d 447, 1991 U. S. LEXIS 6611 (1991) Post-conviction continuing at, Action denied simply by United States sixth is v. Prince, 2006 U. S. App. LEXIS 17403 (10th Cir. Okla., July twelve, 2006)

PRECEDING HISTORY: [**1] On Appeal from the United States District The courtroom for the Western Section of Oklahoma; D. C. No . CR-90-96-W; D. C. Judge Lee R. Western.


COUNSEL: Submitted on the Briefs: *

* Following examining the briefs and the appellate record, this three-judge panel has determined unanimously that dental argument probably would not be of material assistance inside the determination of this appeal. See Fed. L. App. L. 34(a); tenth Cir. Ur. 34. 1 ) 9. The cause is for that reason ordered posted without dental argument.

Timothy D. Leonard, United States Lawyer, and Wyatt A. Richardson, Assistant United States Attorney, Thunder, Oklahoma, to get Plaintiff-Appellee.

Bill Zuhdi, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for Defendant-Appellant.

JUDGES: Anderson, Barrett, and Brorby, Circuit Idol judges.



[*1093] BRORBY, Circuit Evaluate.

While the public's understanding of lawyers seems to reach new lows every day, father and mother -- we could told -- still encourage their children to enter this occupation. 1 Nevertheless the parent who also happens to read this opinion will not be so speedy to urge a loved child to turn into a lawyer after learning the way the defendant in this instance expressed his extreme personal dislike of his lawyer. Likewise, the would-be attorney raised within the hit tv series, L. A. Law, to [**2] consider a legislation degree is that golden ticket to a gorgeous career of massive money, fast cars and intimate interactions among the amazing people may think twice just before sending in his / her law institution application the moment word with this case gets out. a couple of

you See The '80s; Lawyers, National Law Journal, Dec. 25, 1989, in S16. a couple of Law college admissions company directors point to T. A. Rules as one feasible factor in the growing volume of law college applications. See Orey, Love-making! Money! Glitz! In-House at L. A. Law, The American Legal professional, Dec. 1988, at 32.

I actually.

Defendant in this case is Alfred James Prince (hereinafter Defendant). He was convicted in federal court docket of robbing an Ok savings and loan, associated with using a sawed-off shotgun throughout the robbery. three or more His guilt for these offences is not an issue in this charm.

three or more The specific national laws Defendant was recharged with breaking are the kinds against traditional bank robbery, 18 U. S i9000. C. § 2113(a) and (d), and for unlawfully by using a firearm during the commission of your violent crime, 18 U. S. C. § 924(c)(1). He was found guilty on Sept. 25, 1990, and sentenced to just more than twenty-eight years in jail. [**3] Shortly after Defendant's detain a federal public defender was assigned because his legal professional. Defendant, however , did not take care of his attorney. Realizing this kind of, the attorney asked the judge to take him off of the case, however the judge declined. Finally, the matter was all set to be attempted. Just before the jury was to be sworn in and seated the lawyer told the courtroom to reconsider his obtain to take away, telling the judge his client " simply will not want to talk to me. " But the assess again declined, finding " absolutely no explanation whatsoever" to get allowing the attorney to withdraw. Defendant, who was present and observed the judge's decision, obviously decided to give the judge reasons. As the jury was being sworn in Defendant became loud and disruptive. He managed to get away of his pants and expose the portion of the bottom of his anatomy towards the judge and jury. He then began to urinate in the presence of the jurors, and some from the urine struck the...


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