Technology has been a extremely big contribution to this era. Like almost everything in this world, points age and evolve and alter. One aspect that has begun to alter is in which and how we use technology. Three major examples happen to be in the place of work, how we screen our aged parents or siblings, and just how it increased our remedies. While these three matters may seem completely different, after reading two articles from the Ny Times and one from The New Yorker, " Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents” and " The Year with the Multitaskers' Revenge, " in the TImes and " The Way We Age group Now" in the New Yorker, you can see also, they are alike in several ways.

One similarity these three pieces of writing share is the fact life can be much easier by using technology as you age. With the work place, technology can help 1 stay on top of tasks individual to total before the day time is done with reminders on the smart phone or perhaps their operate computer. As well, when it comes to monitoring aging father and mother, a reminder on any type of technology device most suitable option use can help one make sure to take their particular pills or perhaps blood pressure for example. В And finally technology has improved remedies which has bring about people living longer and reaching higher ages just before death.

Another similarity these kinds of three content articles also have when it comes to technology is people may not want to be viewed or monitored. Whether it be inside the work place or perhaps at home no-one wants to truly feel they are not really independent and being seen at all times. At work one can become monitored simply by cameras and by supervisors checking out their computer system history. According to the article " Technologies Help Adult Kids Monitor The aging process Parents, ” a child adult can be up-to-date on almost everything their parent or guardian does which includes opening doors and cabinets, taking out pills and medication, and even what time that they got up out of bed. In America this could not sit well which has a lot of persons and can well cause a person to choose to never work a this...


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