White America is a song through which Eminem makes many contradictions to show incongruencies in the American social structure. These contradictions are important since they expose a critical drawback in the American society that disillusions both equally immigrants and natives in to thinking America is a leveled playing discipline for capitalistic ventures. In his introduction, Eminem makes a contrary comparison that later turns into apparent in the second part of the verse, talking about America as " the stripes as well as the stars pertaining to the privileges men have perished for to protect/ The women and men who have out of cash their necks for the freedom of speech the United States federal government has sworn to uphold". The initial line is usually written carefully in anapestic pentameter, meaning two unstressed syllables then a stressed syllable in a 5 foot line (Annis, par. 8-11), with pressure put on " stripes" and " stars" which makes an image of patriotism. Whizzing sounds could be heard without your knowledge of the song, reminiscent of the " rocket's red glare" in the countrywide anthem or perhaps the sound from the Blue Angels F-16s fighter jets, a military symbol of America. The next 3 stressed words " rights", " died", and " protect" reminds Americans with the sacrifices the nation had to produce to receive this sort of rights since " the liberty of talk the United States government has sworn to uphold"; to appreciate these kinds of rights being that they are here as a result of sacrifices of numerous " ladies and men". Eminem addresses the dominant story in the United States that every Americans possess these organic rights -- notice that the government's job is to " protect" ‘and " uphold" these legal rights meaning these people were pre-existent and not " given", which would mean that they had been non-existent ahead of. So for being an American instantly means fair treatment while other Americans. Eminem uses this simple fact to begin to show the " hypocrisy of democrac" or what Mack Lowe cell phone calls the " existence of exclusions…by the promise of inclusion" (529). " Possibly even it's told…" Eminem...


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