Well.. this kind of aren't views but.. in some manner they are identical..

In Este Fili and Noli Basilio lost a love a (Crispin and Sisa in Noli. Whilst Huli in El Fili)

Ibarra/Simouns ideas didn't job (Well, in El Fili it almost did)

Spanish people/ friars continue to be discriminate Filipinos.

1 . ) Ibarra and Dantes could have had a wonderful future in case the events didn't happen the way it would in the tale. Ibarra could have married Helen Clara, proven a school and forgave the enemies of his dad. Dantes likewise planned to marry Mercedes and to become a captain of Pharaon, a trading deliver.


> 2 . ) They are both tricked by people whom they believed will be their close friends. Ibarra was denounced by the friars when Dantes was betrayed simply by Villefort, Danglars and Fernand.


> 3. ) The protagonists both have friends who helped them break free (Elias and Faria). Additionally, they died for the duration of the story.


> 4. ) The protagonists used bodies of water to escape - a lake to get Ibarra as well as the sea pertaining to Dantes.


> five. ) They will both applied buried gifts for payback.


> 6. ) Ibarra and Dantes the two disguised inside their revenge, Ibarra as Simoun and Edmond Dantes while the Rely of Mucchio Cristo. Additionally, they possessed even more knowledge, riches and resourcefulness in their comeback. >

> 7. ) Lastly, they will both believed that they were the brokers of Providence, sent out ot meet away justice to the people who have sinned. In the end, that they found out that revenge is known as a poison that infects most it details, symbolized simply by terrible fatalities of harmless people. To their horror, they will realized too late that they were much a victim of their own vengeance as they were the victim in the men whom wronged them. >

> In the climactic scenes of both stories, Ibarra and Dantes came to the understanding that all their intricate programs for payback may not be motivated by God.


> Rosalinda composed:

> Nothing else is similar between Fili and Hugo's The Count of Monte Cristo,...


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